Got a problem to report?

What have you seen

Where did you see it (landmark)?

Is sewage still entering the watercourse?

What are the weather conditions? 

Examples of Pollution, Stream with oil on surface, Oil on pond surface and Litter strewn stream



Call Natural Resources Wales

0800 80 70 60

 If you wish to report any of the following:

• damage or danger to the natural environment
• pollution to water or land
• poaching or illegal fishing
• fish in distress or dead fish
• watercourse blocked by vehicle or fallen tree causing risk of flooding
• illegal dumping of hazardous waste or large amounts of industrial waste
• incidents including odour and noise at sites we regulate, such as landfill, transfer station etc.
• Illegal abstraction from watercourses
• unusual drop in riverflow
• collapsed or badly damaged river or canal banks

Have you witnessed or heard of a crime against wild life ?

(POACHING etc), then report it to your local Wildlife crime police officer.