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Steve Smyth leads the qualifiers from St Brides leg of Shore DragonMania

The third qualifying leg of this year’s DragonMania Welsh Sea Angling Championships took place at St Brides, Gwent yesterday (Saturday 11th May).

A total of 22 anglers booked in to the event, with some travelling from West Wales and Gloucester and, although an early start, the weather was spot on with a light NE wind.

As predicted conger eels were the targeted species.

Eight anglers brought congers to the measure, 11 in all. Most of the fish came early in the match with only one fish being caught on the dropping tide.

In first place was local angler Steve Smyth, who fishes for Holton Road SAC. He caught three conger eels in three consecutive casts – giving him length of 277cm.

With 292 points overall, Steve won £100 pool money.

In second place was in-form angler Shaun Moore, who fishes for Caerau SAC. He caught two conger eels, giving him a length of 200cm, with 210 overall points and winning him £60 pool money.

In third place was Newport & District angler Daniel Bridle with a single conger eel measuring 119cm. With 124 overall points, Daniel won £40 pool money.

Dean Roper, also fishing for Newport & District SAC, was in fourth place with a single conger eel of 105cm, giving him 110 points.

West Walian Dorian Harris was fifth with a conger eel of 100cm in length, giving him 105 points.

Both Dean & Dorian were given a bottle of good quality red wine donated by the Angling Cymru Sea Anglers East Region.

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